Ortus Malgrain buys grain and oil seeds in all of Russia’s regions and in the CIS. 

Ortus Malgrain purchases cover a wide range of crops:

·       food wheat, GOST class 3 and 4;

·       wheat, GOST class 5;

·       food and fodder corn;

·       food and fodder barely;

·       linseed;

·       rye;

·       peas;

·       chickpeas;

·       false flax;

·       millet.

Purchase arrangements: ex-farm, ex-elevator, free-on-board.

Our company has all the necessary financial resources and can offer you fast, guaranteed payment for the agricultural product you supply.

In Ortus Malgrain you will be acquiring a long-term, reliable partner.

We are interested in working with agricultural producers and suppliers.


Our company is a reliable and dynamically developing exporter of agricultural produce. We have a lot of experience in exporting grain and oil crops.

We are a flexible company and are prepared to consider various terms for the supply of agricultural products and for payment for the crops we receive.


Available culture

grains of barley are used for food, technical and fodder purposes, and also in the brewing industry.
wheat flour is used to bake bread and produce pasta and confectioneries, the grains are used for fodder and to produce alcohol.
grains of rye are used to produce rye flour, starch, malt, rye beer and spirits, rye is used as feed for livestock and poultry, both as fodder and in compound feeds.
oats are commonly used to produce cereals, flour, oatmeal, oat coffee, baby food and animal feed and in alcohol production.
millet grain is used to produce cereal (cracked and shredded millet), flour and malt; it is also a valuable raw material in the animal feed and brewing industries.
Yellow peas
peas are used for food and feed purposes, they are used used in the preparation of soups, cereals, purée, canned meat and fish; yellow peas are a high-protein ingredient for animal feed.
chickpea seeds are used for food purposes, especially in vegetarian cooking and Indian cooking, they are used to make gram flour, soups, canned goods, coffee, and are eaten boiled or fried.
linseeds are used for food purposes; due to its unique properties, linseed oil is used in the food, pharmaceutical and technical industries.
rapeseed is used to produce oil for use in the food, metallurgy, soap-making, leather and textile industries; rapeseed meal is used as a base for various feeds and premixes.
corn has various uses for food, feed and industrial purposes; grains of corn are used to produce cereal, starch, syrup, crystalline sugar, alcohol, flour, the seeds produce a robust edible oil.